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Seashell table

Design: Gino Carollo

Seashell's design challenge begins with the use of a new material for the base: cement. This material, often associated with the idea of "heavyness and solidity", both physical and visual, has been rethought to be light but at the same time resistant.
The choice to use soft and sinuous shapes draws inspiration from the organic shapes of nature, in particular those of the shell, which thanks to the surfaces characterized by curves and ribs, creates a structural solidity despite the incredibly fragile material of which it is composed.
This gives cement a new language of form and function; the central base offers maximum usability, transforming and generating different shapes depending on the viewing angle.
A combination of inspiration and functionality, between lightness and resi-stance, a table of great expressiveness, a utilitarian object transformed into an essential and sculptural display figure.

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