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INSIDE rectangular wall unit with 2 square open-fronted sections. To be fastened to the wall.
This square unit, with front edge with 45° internal cut, is part of a system of modular units, which can all be combined freely with no space constraints or minimum distance limits. Combined with the INBOX series, with greater depth, these units make it possible to create a wall of varying volumes, for a more dynamic visual impact.
The INSIDE wall unit is suited to furnishing the kitchen and the living area. Discover the available finishes!

Design by: Studio 28
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Is obtained by taking very thin slices of fine wood directly from the trunk of a tree, which are then glued to a core panel and stained. Veneered products create a beautiful visual effect and are a byword for quality.


Product with an opaque paint finish, that is, which completely covers the underlying material. A matt finish ranges from 5 to 25 degrees of gloss, meaning the percentage of light that is reflected from the surface (on a scale from 0 to 100).