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my world, our earth (our planet)

Inspired by innovation, we are passionate about problem-solving design. And true to our belief that all design should be defined by both purpose and pleasure, we have a new challenge: to use sustainable design to restore and preserve the beauty of our natural environment.

How? By researching, optimizing and minimizing every aspect of our processes.
In line with the 2021 vision – we are currently being certified according to ISO 14001 company – we’ve made eco-friendly design more than a best practice goal: it is the driving force behind every aspect of our production.


  • respecting
  • reducing
  • reinventing
  • recycling
  • reusing

Starting with the installation of solar energy panels in Manzano in 2012 and the continual optimization of our processes and packaging to minimize energy use and waste, we are determined to make a difference. And when it comes to find creative solutions that make our world a better place to live in, we continue to experiment, reinventing recyclable materials, using renewable sources and sustainably FSC certified wood to ensure even our most iconic designs adapt to the needs of the world.

Sustainable numbers
solar panels
in-house energy
reduction of CO2/year
FSC wood turnover
reduction of solvent varnishes/year
training on safety
Achieved the FSC certification

Starting from 2006 Calligaris achieved the FSC® certification, a trademark which guarantees that the wood we use for our products comes from forests that are correctly and responsably managed following rigorous enviromental, social and economic standards.

the first 100% Green chair model is born
The Skin chair, one of the company’s best seller, is offered in a recyclable composite biomaterial and manufactured with easily available and renewable raw materials.
This Organizational Model clarifies important priciples on corporate social responsibility. In particular, the defintion of an “Ethical Code” which determins rights, duties and responsabilities of the Company towards its stakeholders.
Begins the path of use of 100% recycled plastic
We proposed a new chair, Vela, with the seat shell made in bioplastic: an original raw material, derived from renewable vegetable sources like sugar cane, which allows a saving in terms of Co2 emission of about 70% compared to traditional plastic.
FSC AWARD winners
Calligaris is awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council Italy for the “Living category” as evidence of the commitment to the enviroment.
Begins the path of use of 100% recycled plastic
2020 marks the beginning of the path of full replacement of the traditional polypropylene with one resulting from post-industrial waste. As a matter of fact, starting from this year, the Skin and Liberty models will be manufactured in this new green version.
Planned the adoption of the ISO 45001 certification.
Within the end of the year we will obtain the ISO 14001 certification, a certificate resulting from the voluntary choice of the company to implement its own environmental management system.
2021 Planned the adoption of the ISO 45001 certification.
We have started the paperwork to obtain the ISO 45001 certification, which cerifies that the company promotes the diffusion of safer working practices and guarantees performance to protect the health and safety of workers.
Total removal of asbestos
We have planned a complete safe removal of asbestos from all the HQ’s locations. The operation, started in 2019, will be completed in summer 2022.