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These Viennese coffee-parlour-inspired chairs have been catapulted from the mid-nineteenth century to elevate our everyday.
LIBERTY dusts off the famous legacy of the Thonet range and brings it to our homes, reworking it with a contemporary spin and imbuing it with a star quality. Crafted from polypropylene (outdoor suitable as well), this lightweight functional Liberty chair features interchangeable highly durable feet and can be stacked up to four at a time. It is available in a broad array of colours which taps into the latest fashion trends , making this piece a true icon with a versatile design and within everyone’s reach.

Design by: Archirivolto
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Polypropylene stackable chair suitable for outdoor use
For every sensation

Engineering polymer characterised by high mechanical, chemical, and weathering resistance. Suitable for outdoor use. It is a recyclable material that does not harm the environment, widely used for the production of seats.


Thermoplastic technopolymer with 100% recycled polyolefins. This allows to make products that are much more environmentally friendly because they are produced from recycled industrial waste that would otherwise be destroyed. It does not just limit itself to not using new fossil resources, but even requalifies the system from scraps and industrial waste that return to the production cycle as raw materials without compromising the aesthetic and functional aspect of the product. A saving for industry and the environment, in compliance with the principles of the circular economy.