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Omnia: the table that always has the space you need

Stephanie DaPonte, known as “London Kade” on Instagram, has become a successful blogger in North America and is known for her stylish, kid-friendly home. 


She has worked with many brands to create her dream space with her husband and kids, and approached Calligaris USA in late 2018 about obtaining a dining table for her home.

With the recommendation of the team in the US, Stephanie was gifted a Calligaris Omnia table and black skin chairs to match her home’s aesthetic. As part of this collaboration, she was asked to feature Calligaris multiple times throughout the year, always tagging the corporate account and hash tagging #ItalianSmartDesign, post on her blog, do live video reviews, and complete at least one video displaying the table expanding in her home. 

Calligaris USA selected Stephanie because of her keen eye for design amidst a home with young kids, her presence on social media, and her personality! She is fun and easy to work with, and has been a delight all of 2019.

For the video portion of her segment, Stephanie chose to work with a friend of hers, Matthew Smith, who has worked with many large brands to create video content on product marketing. Because Stephanie was chosen specifically for her focus on family and functionality, it was only fitting that she incorporate this in the video. Thus, “a breakfast with unexpected guests” was created.

Not only does the video perfectly depict a Calligaris home in a modern, fashionable setting, it perhaps even more beautifully portrays the idea of “family” and accommodating everyone in a space to truly make it “home.”


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