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Functional, elegant and customizable solutions, to always offer you what makes you feel really at home. In this section you will find our latest inventions and projects making us unique: we never stop experimenting with materials, finishes and mechanisms.

made to order
The world is yours: Calligaris launches the “Made To Order” project
Manhattan Wall System
The modular living room furniture system, which offers endless customization possibilities, from the dimensions to the colors and styles allowing the customer to create its own ideal world.
Tables in motion
It takes just a moment to transform your table completely, making it larger and more welcoming, with one perfect, simple movement to activate the automatic or manual extension systems safely and easily.
We work many different materials to offer a wide and diverse collection where it is possible to recognize one’ style and choose one’s favourite products.
my life, my style
Our new campaign aligns the world of lifestyle with that of design. We believe that real homes are not museums of style, rather they are familiar spaces to be lived and filled with timeless memories. Authentic and welcoming, a home should reflect your personality, going beyond the tastes and trends of the moment to tell the stories of those who fill it with life. Welcome to Calligaris, make yourself at home.