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Design: Edi &Paolo Ciani

The COCOON armchair was created with the precise intention of creating a model that takes the shapes of the armchairs of the '60s but with more modern and contemporary lines, with generous sections and thicknesses to make the seat comfortable and welcoming. The versions with soft and pleated fabrics emphasize even more the soft and enveloping effect with a slightly retro soul.
An enveloping monocoque chair in cold low-density polyurethane foam, available with wooden and metal legs. The wooden ones are in ash with a slightly conical shape, screwed one by one to the structure of the chair, while the metal ones are made with a base of 4 tubular legs (22mm). Also available as a 4 spoke base with return mechanism.


Design: Bernhardt & Vella
The Apian table, with its elegant proportions, is the expression of a careful design approach to the architecture of the project and its rea-lization with carefully crafted materials.
The lightness of its appearance is inspired by the theme of the metal sheet that bends and inclines, drawing the base, characterized by a clear and decisive sign, on which rests the extendable top, which, thanks to its         patented mechanism, can be extended to a length of up to 3 meters.
The perimeter band of the top reflects the shade of the structure of the base, which reveals as a detail the double metal sheet painted in white, black or bronze, creating an interesting play of light that illumi-nates an area usually in the shadows.
Apian has all the qualities to be a real element of surprise in an interior design project.


Design: Gino Carollo
The design idea for the Elson table was born from the desire to enhance the elegan-ce and purity of the oval shape, an essential matrix for the study of the design com-bined with the functionality of the central base.
Looking from above, the table’s elements - base and top - form two perfectly con-centric ovals that define a unique synthesis of geometric harmony.
The formal purity - classic but contemporary, essential in its configuration and em-phasized also by the refined finishes - makes the Elson table a timeless product, able to enhance every environment and every furnishing context.
Extending table with central base and fully automatic opening mechanism.
The base is made of a metal blade while the round section column remains deta-ched from the ballast by 3 cm emphasizing an internal band customizable in 4 co-lors.
The extension, placed in the center of the table under the two semi tops, during the opening rotates until it aligns with the top. A slight push of the semi top locks the mechanism. To close the table just proceed with the opposite operation.


Design: Gino Carollo
Seashell's design challenge begins with the use of a new material for the base: cement. This material, often associated with the idea of "heavyness and solidity", both physical and visual, has been rethought to be light but at the same time resistant.
The choice to use soft and sinuous shapes draws inspiration from the organic shapes of nature, in particular those of the shell, which thanks to the surfaces characterized by curves and ribs, creates a structural solidity despite the incredibly fragile material of which it is composed.
This gives cement a new language of form and function; the central base offers maximum usability, transforming and generating different shapes depending on the viewing angle.
A combination of inspiration and functionality, between lightness and resi-stance, a table of great expressiveness, a utilitarian object transformed into an essential and sculptural display figure.

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