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my life, my style

Shaped by real life design that tells your story, every Calligaris home is a world of its own.

Calligaris homes are personal spaces, and that is why we offer everything you need to make yours unique.

We like to think that the Calligaris collection is a tool to bring harmony, beauty and elegance in an environment, to transform a generic space into a unique place. 

A space in which to recognize oneself, careful to an authentic and honest design without sacrificing comfort and hospitality.

Our new campaign aligns the world of lifestyle with that of design.

We believe that real homes are not museums of style, rather they are familiar spaces to be lived and filled with timeless memories. 

Authentic and welcoming, a home should reflect your personality,
going beyond the tastes and trends of the moment to tell the stories of those who fill it with life. 

Welcome to Calligaris,
make yourself at home.  

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