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cabinets, sideboards, wall units
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1, 100, 1.000 collaborations. The brightest ideas are often the result of different points of view, for this reason, for each collection, Calligaris relies on independent designers for some of
its projects.
Because ideas are never enough.

Alessio Romano

Alessio Romano was born in 1984 in Catania, where from 1998 he attended the Institute of Art. In 2003 he moved to Milan and gratueted in industrial design at IED ( Istituto Europeo di Design ). After finishing his studies at the age of 23 he already signed his first project for Segno of Leonardo Luce Italy, working together with the CRIED ( IED Research Centre ) developing projects for companies such as Pirelli, Guzzini and Campari.
In 2006 he founded the De – signum studio where it begins and grows relationships with major national and international companies, designing lamp, products for indoor and outdoor, fashion accessories and exhibition spaces. From 2014, after the opening of his studio in Cannes, works between Italy and France.
His designs are distinguished by the refined simplicity , clear lines and simple, translated into functional objects and heterogeneous.

some of the projects
archirivolto design

Archirivolto Design was founded in 1983 in Colle di Val d’Elsa, within the province of Siena, thanks to the collaboration between Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli, friends and, in past, university friends. Initially it was a small business that dealt with architecture, interior design and furniture sales, thanks to the close relationship with the most dynamic industries of the local area. Only a few years later, Archirivolto started its activity for the industrial design sector, an interest carried on thanks to an authentic passion for the world of furniture.
Guided by a clear entrepreneurial vision, Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli defined the precise identity of their studio. They have become specialized in the design of seats – from chairs to sofas, from stools to office and outdoor seats – they began to know any type of technology and material, in particular plastic, acquiring experience on anything that could be produced or printed.

bernhardt & vella

Ellen Bernhardt, born in Germany and Paola Vella, born in Assisi, Italy, both move to Milan in 2001.
They meet at a design studio in Milan and start their collaboration based on a common vision of design developed during their individual international working experiences. Design understood as an individual interface, which can tell in a simple and clear way the project and at the same time convey emotion and poetry.
​Since 2008 they collaborate with important furniture companies, developing products and acting as artistic directors.

some of the projects
Upholstered armchair
busetti, garuti, redaelli

Manuela Busetti, Andrea Garuti and Matteo Redaelli have been working together since 2008 to develop new products both for the home and contract sectors. They have won prestigious competitions and received awards, as well as appeared in international publications.
The synergy of their different qualities and attitudes creates products grounded in careful research on new lifestyles, re-elaborating or decontextualizing technologies and materials, both new and traditional, for the creation of unusual, innovative goods that can best respond to contemporary needs.

some of the projects
Chair with padded seat and back and metal frame
Chair with padded seat and back and metal frame
Padded chair with a metal base
Stool with upholstered seat and backrest and metal base
Upholstered stool with metal base
Upholstered metal stool with swivelling base adjustable in height
Padded stool with metal frame.
Padded stool with metal frame.
Large rectangular mirror
Square mirror
4-door sideboard
Upholstered lounge chair
Upholstered armchair
Upholstered lounge chair
Upholstered lounge chair
Carlesi Tonelli

Combining different areas of expertise and careers in industrial design, we founded our
studio in 2004. We link a passion for design to our knowledge of materials and technolo-gies, and producers’ practical demands to the ever-evolving market trends.
We accept the challenge to find new meaning in simple things, adding harmonious and friendly shapes to both private and public scenarios, meant and made to last and express high technical and aesthetic qualities. Design, art direction and communications are the fields where we perform and interact with our customers, in a relationship where we share values and goals.

some of the projects
Chair with padded seat and back and metal frame
Daniele LoScalzo Moscheri
Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri is an architect, designer, and art director.
Born in 1963 and graduated from the Milan Polytechnic, he confers a Master in "Advanced Technology Application on Industrial design manifacture" in Florida.
He was a consultant to Piero Lissoni until 1994 and collaborates with Boffi, Porro, and Living.
He opens his own studio in Milan based in Via Francesco De Sanctis 52.
He designs and designs for important Italian furniture companies such as
Ludovica Mascheroni, Amini carpets, Casamilano, Gallotti & Radice, Albed, Pedrali, Ivano Redaelli, Contardi, Ditre Italia, Varaschin, Xera Kitchen, Albed, Tre P, Heri Editon.
Art Director of Giorgetti from 2010 to 2013, and currently of Tre P, Varaschin, Ditre Italia, Heri Edition, Xera Kitchen, Understate Milano.
Studio Lo Scalzo Moscheri is characterized by a multidisciplinary activity dedicated to the coordinated image of companies, the design of showrooms, graphics and communication, video production and the choice of products and stylistic orientation activities.
In addition, the studio is dedicated to interior design projects, shopping malls, shops, and hotels.
The interior design business extends to an international clientele with projects in Miami, Paris, Cannes, Moscow, and Beijing.
Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri is published in the best national and international furniture and costume magazines such as Vanity Fair, Interni, Elle Decor, Il Sole 24 Ore, Abitare, Frame Magazine, Wall Paper.
His projects are published in Yearbook best Kitchen 2012, he has received several awards and recognitions for designs including Promosedia 2007 with the product Sign by Pedrali.
some of the projects
Edi & Paolo Ciani

Since its foundation in 1999, the studio has been creating and developing furnishing products, including furniture for the home, the office and the garden. The company has rapidly become an important point of reference for companies in the sector.
Over the years, the studio has acquired particular expertise in the development of computerized three-dimensional projects, with the creation of the virtual model, the relevant technical drawings necessary for the realization of the first real prototype and the creation of photorealistic images for a better representation of the final result to customers.

some of the projects
Upholstered chair with wooden frame and legs
Upholstered armchair with wooden legs
Upholstered chair with wooden base
Upholstered armchair with wooden base
Upholstered chair with metal base
Polyurethane foam stool with metal base
Stool in foam plyurethane and wooden base
Wooden coat stand column
Coffee table with round top and wooden base
Coffee table with round top and wooden base

Formed by Gaia Giotti, Giona Scarselli and Cristina Razzanelli, E-GGS is concerned with the design of a transversal approach, ranging from product design, interior and architecture. The attention and the curiosity are captured by the discovery of the unusual in everyday life, in the search for new forms of expression and materials. It is the exploration of the needs of everyday ideas that arise for ideas.

some of the projects
Sideboard with 2 doors and 2 drawers
gino carollo

Gino Carollo / Studio 28

Gino Carollo began his career in industrial design in 1990 and worked also as an art director with prestigious Italian and foreign companies in the furniture sector.
In 1999 he opened the STUDIO28 GINO CAROLLO in order to create a team offering qualified support to companies in the industry. Industrial design projects have expanded greatly in recent years, through developing the architectural design of exhibition spaces, showrooms and corporate identities.
In 2014 a new office was opened in Shanghai, GINO CAROLLO AND PARTNERS, with the objective of developing design projects both for the contract and interiors sectors.

Design studio Kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by Florian Kallus (1983) and Sebastian Schneider (1985). The duo works in furniture, lighting design and art direction for several national and international clients. The name
Kaschkasch is composed of the surnames Kallus and Schneider.
Being a duo, collaboration is a crucial aspect of Kaschkasch’s work. Discussion is key. Kaschkasch approaches design as a helpful and practical component of life that conveys character and attitudes through the expressiveness of restraint. Basing themselves on this approach to design, Kaschkasch wields a characteristic formal language that is inherently present in each design: it is a symbiosis of straightforwardness and beauty that toes the line between function and formal severity. The results are modest, challenging, intelligent and logical. Kaschkasch questions prevailing norms and offers new answers to existing everyday demands.
Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider share a background that combines hands-on and academic education: both are trained as cabinet makers followed by studies in product design at academy of design and craft münster.
This versatility informs everything Kaschkasch does. The studio appreciates the hands-on insight, practice and technical understanding, which contributes to their design method: traditional craftsmanship techniques and a mindset geared towards innovation, disruption and new technological solutions.

Michele Menescardi

Born near Milan in 1979, Michele Menescardi graduated in Industrial Design in 2004 at the Politecnico of Milan, and began his career as a freelance designer, collaborating with different architecture and design studios, advertising agencies, schools and businesses.
He was the founder of the MrSmith studio, where he began his collaboration as a designer with Calligaris, for which he designed the lamps Sextans and Tucana, as well as the Basil and Cream chair lines and the Odessa carpets.In 2014 he decided to pursue his career as a sole proprietor, and in the same year he created the lamp Big Wave and the Lazy armchair for Calligaris.

some of the projects
Japanese origami inspired rug
Upholstered armchair with swivelling and tilting seat
Upholstered armchair
Upholstered footest ottoman
Upholstered armchair
Upholstered footest ottoman
Optional upholstered headrest
Upholstered lounge chair
MrSmith studio

MrSmith Studio

The Milanese design company MrSmith Studio was founded in 2005 and rapidly became highly renowned in the design sector for its ability to offer industrial, packaging, lighting, furniture and graphic solutions.
Its broad sectoral knowledge enabled it to create a team of highly qualified professionals coming from different backgrounds and with diverse credentials who pool their knowledge and viewpoints to achieve outstanding results.
What MrSmith Studio mainly focuses on is the relationship between brand and the final customer. With immense experience and an impassioned approach, the company works to build up the right rapport, leveraging motivation and strengthening brand awareness.
A management-run enterprise with a strong design mindset fostering a seamless organisation which is able to exceed customer expectations.

some of the projects
Chair with wooden base
esplorazione e creazione di nuove forme

Pininfarina is the very epitome of Italian panache all over the world.
With over 80 years’ of experience behind it, this company boasts a vast range of skills and talents and its brand name has become a watchword for purity, elegance and innovation - virtues that are perfectly embodied by its lineup of highly competitive services and products.
Primarily active in the field of design, engineering, planning and creation of one-off or limited-edition cars, Pininfarina has turned its idiosyncrasies into strengths - something which emerges from the words of all those who have contributed to making this company great. This is what Pininfarina has to say on the meaning of Italian style: "It amounts to balanced lines, a sense of proportion, simplicity and harmony, so that even after considerable time has elapsed a sense of vitality still lingers after the memory of the initial beauty fades".
Andrea Pininfarina equates keeping quality standards high to products with a pared-back functional core. “And that requires a combination of creativity and innovation”. Paolo Pininfarina's words reflect the company's passion for innovative technology when he states that “design is the human side of innovation”.
 Lastly Sergio Pininfarina extols the virtues of shape which is “the outcome of sustained effort aimed at achieving outstanding quality standards. Basically, design strikes a balance between form and technology as well as between good taste and practicality. Nothing could be better suited to Italian talent than this quest for a perpetual and happy balance between beauty and functionality”.

some of the projects
Design table with elliptical extendible top and central base
Pio & Tito Toso

 The brothers Pio and Tito Toso were born in Venice in 1973 and in 1971 respectively. They graduated in architecture in Venice in 1998 and they opened their studio in 1996.
Working in the field of architecture, they carried out several projects both nationally and internationally, and participated in several competitions. They also collaborate in the field of interior design and furnishing, working for the most prestigious furniture companies.
They have collaborated in the designing of display areas for trade fairs, exhibitions, stores, offices and warehouses for different companies, developing their image and graphics.

some of the projects
Table with round fixed top and metal column base
Orlandini e Radice

Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini, graduates at the Milan Politecnico, the first in industrial design,  the second in architecture, meet after several work experiences. Since 2008 they  collaborate together on the design of several highly personal and incisive style products for Italian and international companies.
Andrea and Folco, guided by the idea of design intended as an emotion that combines functionality with a lasting shape. They believe in designing projects that are the synthesis of three elements: paternity, irony and improvement. Each creation is followed through all stages of growth. From the first idea to the development to the production, every phase step by step. Irony, understood as a constant search for what goes beyond the simple and obvious meaning of the object, has always distinguished the way of life of the two designers and hence their design approach that is always based on an improvement of what already exists. Growing means improving and improving means to be able to design products that are always better, from a productive, aesthetic, ergonomic, functional point of view.
Since 2008, RADICEORLANDINI studio has designed dozens of products for various furniture companies such as Alivar, Baleri Italia, Calligaris, Caoscreo, Casprini, Domitalia, Dorelan, Elite UK, Fast, Infiniti, Metalmobil, Oi – Side Spain, Potocco, Quinti Sedute, Schuster Brazil, Skitsch
Among the various awards they received: in 2007 first prize in the MOV Design competition, 2010 special mention Young & Design, 2011,2013, 2017 Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum,  2019 German Design Award

some of the projects
Upholstered lounge chair

Sam Baron and Co is a studio offering creative direction and design consultancy, embracing projects — from physical to digital — with a global approach. Sam Baron works together with a team of young thinkers, blending all creative skills to endeavor a challenging and original vision to its clients.
Sam Baron's perennial re-readings and reinterpretations of traditional know-hows shrewdly interrogate on the utility of today's material productions and the very existence of new archetypes. By anchoring his creations in an artistic and functional inquiry, without omitting cultural and historical narrations, Sam Baron places his outlook in our everyday life and its contemporaneity.
Baron received the "Grand Prix de la Creation de la Ville de Paris" in the design category and during the 2010 edition of Maison & Objet. Philippe Starck selected him as one of the ten important designers of the next decade.
Sam received a silver cube from the NYC Art Director Club and has been integrated as a jury member. The AD&D London based creative association awarded him with a Yellow Pencil for the Colors magazine issue he curated.
His work is continuously featured in International press such as Monocle, Wallpaper magazine, New York Times, Le monde, Elle or Vogue and included in international museum collections.
His clients include Hennessy, Airbnb, la Redoute or Vista Alegre, and he has been the creative director of Fabrica’s design between 2007 and 2017.
Sam Baron currently lives and works between France and Portugal.

some of the projects
stefano cavazzana

Born in 1966 in Mestre (Italy), Stefano Cavazzana graduated with honours in architecture from the university of Venice. In his home town, he works in the areas of design, architecture and company graphics. In the pursuit of his activities, he eschews the superfluous and strives towards the essential core intrinsic in all things, using a fusion of functional and constructional elements as his conceptual launchpad. This profoundly personal approach leads to the inception of new rules and forges new paths where the designer becomes morally accountable for his work and creates objects which exert a discrete allure, keeping the door to the past ajar whilst innovating and subtly bringing out the inherent identity of all the objects he comes into contact with. An artistic attitude that keeps the floodgates of creativity open whilst conveying curiosity, a sense of fun and delight”.

Stefano Spessotto

Graduate at the Art School of Udine, after working three years in one of the most important advertising agencies in those years, Stefano Spessotto starts the activity of Product Designer launching a successful collaboration with Cerasa, now one of the most significant companies of bathroom furniture in Italy for volumes and sales.

In 1990 the model Flut reinterprets the bathroom giving way to a new era for the company and the industry in general. In 1991 he opened the Dedalo study and undertakes relationships with sports shoes and clothing companies such as Benetton, Le Coq Sportif and K2. At the same time it specializes in furnishing creating partnerships with different industries: Inda, Doupont, Teuco, Arbi, Ditre Italia, Seven, Barazza, Zanette, Valcucine and Scavolini and many others.

Stefano Spessotto deals with artistic direction by producing and coordinating ideas; the main activities are the design: Industrial, Graphic and Interior. He was for many years the artistic director of Ditre Italia and he still is for other companies in the furniture industry. Stefano conceives products already rich in meaning, each with a story to tell, thereby giving added value that each product should now have and where the consumer can identify with. Currently the project activity is focused on research of solutions designed for smaller living spaces. Creativity, flexibility, responsibility and humanity are the pluses that make Studio Spessotto a study of high level and recognized quality.

Valerio Sommella

Valerio Sommella is an Italian industrial designer, born in Cortona, Tuscany, and raised in Milan where he graduated with Honours at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. He spent the first years of his career working for important design practice between Milan and Amsterdam before he founded Valerio Sommella Design Studio in 2009. His studio collaborates with Italian and international companies, designing products ranging from lighting to furniture, from consumer electronics to accessories, with a marked preference for large numbers but without disdaining the small series. It considers each project as an opportunity to tell its idea of design, which investigates the language of objects through formal, material and technological research without ever losing sight of clients and the public to which it is addressed. The resulting objects are therefore not chapters of the same book, but short stories, of various kinds, each with its own plot, characters and ending but united by the same writing.
Over the years he worked for company such as Alessi, Alcantara, Apple, Moooi, Kundalini, Calligaris, Honda, Falmec, Konica Minolta, Modo, Panasonic, Penta, Vistosi and others.

some of the projects
Colored ceramic vase