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Calligaris presents the new campaign "MY LIFE, MY STYLE"


Pubblimarket2 signs the creativity and the production, for the realization of the new ADV campaign, worldwide starting from April 2020.

In an overall context that embraces the home but especially people living in it, Calligaris expands and reinterprets the concept "MY HOME", dressing it with new meanings related to the way of living the home, increasingly closer to style and personality of the individual, becoming engaging and desirable, managing to associate the world of lifestyle to the world of design.

This is how the famous design company created the new manifesto MY LIFE, MY STYLE chosing a new vision, certainly more current, communicating their products and their mission by placing at the center of the scenario the home as an authentic and accessible atmosphere, in which to be reflected, going beyond every trend of the moment. A framework enhancing the importance of people, to better reflect the taste of everyone, offering different furnishings for all the environments, in order to transform any home into a real nest.

Therefore Calligaris renounces to conceive the house as a museum to visit and not to live, and opens the doors to a welcoming and lived atmosphere, timeless, able to tell the lifestyle part of the home and abandoning a purely trend vision.

"Our catalogue contains a collection of proposals to furnish all the rooms of the house, leaving the customer also the possibility to customize most of the products according to his taste and imagination. “Because today it is important to live a refined but above all practical and ingenious space, suitable to all our needs" - comments Stefano Rosa Uliana, CEO of the Calligaris Group.

Pubblimarket2, an agency based in Udine directed by AD Giacomo Miranda, has the task of unveiling a new image around the concept "My life, my style", as explained by Alberto Di Donna, Creative Director: "New York, Milan, London, Tokyo: every city has its own style, every personality its own look, each of us has his own way of expressing himself and leaving a personal mark on the world. Clothing, gestures, ideas, habits and even the place where we live: everything comes together to determine our style, a "total look" that extends beyond the boundaries of our body to give life to an environment that resembles us and tells something about our story."

The team that followed the project consists of:
Giacomo Miranda – account manger
Alberto Di Donna – art director 
Paolo Lacchini e Francesca D’Addario – copywriter  
Beppe Brancato – interior photographer 
Adriano Cisani – lifestyle photographer
Paolo Gorgi – video studio
Barbara Zorzi – art director