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best managed companies award

Calligaris is awarded with the “Best Managed Company” award

Manzano, 28thMAY 2019 - Calligaris wins the award “Best Managed Companies” (Bmc) given by Deloitte Italia to the companies that during last year stood out for their excellent company management.

On 28thMay 2019 the Calligaris CEO Stefano Rosa Uliana received the prestigious award in the wonderful Palazzo Mezzanotte (the palace of the Italian Stock Exchange). This award was created in order to support and award the 46 best Italian companies.
Calligaris distinguished itself for six management pillars: strategy, competences and innovation, corporate social responsibility, dedication and corporate culture, governance, performance measurement, internationalization.
Our CEO Stefano Rosa Uliana commented: “We are very proud of this award because it proves that our President Calligaris and I – with the support of Fondo Alpha – have chosen the right way. Furthermore, we hope that this will be only the first award in a long row of achievements that our company aims to earn soon”. “As the other 45 companies receiving the award today, I am proud to say that Calligaris stood out for its competent and efficient management, which has been able to face the challenges we met so far”.