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ICARO is an extendable table with a base structure in veneered wood and a top made from wood or ceramic.
It is sturdy, dependable, versatile and extremely elegant with its rectangular top and two side extension leaves measuring 40 cm each to be opened separately. Let the wings of Icaro lift your dining room to new heights with their refined design.

Design by: Busetti Garuti Redaelli
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CS4113-FD 160 ICARO
CS4113-FD 160
from £ 3,663.00
Table with round fixed top and central wooden base
CS4115-FR 250 ICARO
CS4115-FR 250
from £ 3,696.00
Table with rectangular fixed top and wooden legs
CS4115-FR A 250 ICARO
CS4115-FR A 250
from £ 3,219.00
Table with rectangular top and wooden legs
CS4115-FB 250 ICARO
CS4115-FB 250
from £ 3,843.00
Table with elliptical top and wooden legs
CS4114-S 165 ICARO
CS4114-S 165
from £ 3,837.00
Table with an extendable elliptical top and wooden legs
CS4114-S 200 ICARO
CS4114-S 200
from £ 4,080.00
Table with an extendable elliptical top and wooden legs
CS4113-FD 80 ICARO
CS4113-FD 80
from £ 774.00
Optional swivelling lazy susan tray
For every sensation

Is obtained by taking very thin slices of fine wood directly from the trunk of a tree, which are then glued to a core panel and stained. Veneered products create a beautiful visual effect and are a byword for quality.


The metal products are generally made of worked and welded steel. The steel is then finished with chrome-plating or two layers of powder coating. Excellent quality in terms of both aesthetics and durability.

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